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Things You Should Know Before a Home Remodel

April 23, 2019

Home remodeling can be trying for both homeowners and contractors. No matter the complexity of your home renovation project, you’re bound to run into surprises—think discovering asbestos, faulty wiring or out-of-date plumbing. Things don’t always go as planned, so it’s wise to expect the unexpected, especially if you’re remodeling an older home. As the homeowner, you need to be abreast of the facts, even if you don’t have an active role in the construction process.

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At this point, you may be wondering if there’s anything important you should know before starting a home renovation project. Here are some tips from our home remodeling service in Dana Point, CA:

  • Be flexible with your deadline: Having a completion date in mind is good for planning purposes, but it’s not at all unusual for homeowners and contractors to not be done at the desired time. Factors like personal indecisiveness, weather conditions, products not being in stock, funding shortfalls and more can cause delays. Since you won’t always meet your deadline, be flexible and understand that getting a little bit off track is okay.
  • Have a budget cushion: Most everyone will go over budget, so when planning a home renovation, be sure to have a budget cushion of at least 10 percent. This means having on hand an extra 10 percent or more of your projected budget for unexpected expenses, like building material price increases or when more expensive countertops catch your eye.
  • Take notes on everything: Even though the contractor, suppliers and tradesmen document everything—plans, orders, deliveries, schedule changes, etc.—it’s in your best interest to write everything down too. You’re never too busy to check off an item or add something to your list. The truth is that having notes can save you from making costly mistakes, experiencing time delays and encountering discrepancies between your expectations and the actual result.
  • It may take longer than you think: Renovating a house the right way takes time. It is the kind of project that shouldn’t be rushed, especially since you and your family probably plan to live there for a while afterwards. There is no benefit to pushing the remodeling team to hurry up—you will only create frustration and hinder the quality of their craftsmanship.
  • It’ll take time to make it perfect: It’s normal to have an image in your mind of how your renovated home should look. What you expect is perfection, when in reality you probably won’t love everything about it. Give yourself some time to adjust and settle in, change the colors of the walls or order new area rugs if you must, but understand that it’ll take time to make your newly remodeled home perfect.
  • You’ll be cleaning up dust for months: Any big home improvement project that requires the use of heavy machinery or tools will stir up a lot of dust. The contractors should make an effort to clean up to the best of their ability, but your house will likely be a little more dusty than usual for months after the project is complete—keep vacuuming!

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