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Expand Your Home Into the Ultimate Guest Experience

March 29, 2019

With spring arriving, the home remodeling season is about to get into full swing. There are all kinds of home remodeling projects you might consider this year, and which ones you opt for will depend on the home you have and the goals you have for your home. But if you’re into entertaining frequently, you might consider remodeling projects that not only benefit you, but your guests as well.

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Here are some tips for home remodeling in Dana Point, CA that can help you create the ultimate guest experience at your home.

Open kitchens

If you’ve watched enough HGTV, you know just how popular big, open kitchens are these days. But it makes sense—when you have holiday parties, or just about any parties that involve food (aside from barbecues), people tend to congregate in the kitchen. This means you need to have enough space where not only can you get work done, but people are also able to stand around and visit.

Unfortunately, many older homes were designed to have smaller, tighter spaces, with kitchens that do not have the room for that to happen. A good designer, though, will be able to analyze what you have and figure out how to make the most use of the space.

Upgraded media rooms

Media rooms were popular in construction in the 1990s, but today these rooms are being used for more than just large TVs and comfortable chairs. They’re becoming areas where people hang out, play board games and gather with friends. Turning these rooms into areas that have a lot more functionality and versatility while still being a bit separated from the rest of the house is a great way to make your home more entertaining-friendly.

Opening up walls

Again, if you’ve watched enough HGTV, you’ve seen open concept floor plans popping up all over the place, with remodelers knocking down walls and putting up new support beams to make it happen. This is, again, especially an issue that may affect owners of older homes, which tend to be subdivided into smaller rooms. Opening up some walls can help you create a more open, hospitable environment and can make it easier for people to spread out during gatherings without feeling like they’re separating themselves from the rest of the party.

Outdoor spaces

Do you like to host outdoor gatherings and barbecues? Consider creating decks and patios with some extra comfort and functionality built into them to make them even better for hosting guests. You might even incorporate some drop-down canvases and space heaters to make them comfortable and usable all year round. People love to spend some time outside when possible, so adjusting your outdoor spaces so they’re more entertaining-friendly can be a great investment if you know you’re going to frequently have guests over.

For more tips for home remodeling in Dana Point, CA that will allow you to become an even better and more dynamic host, contact the team at Evers Construction today. We look forward to hearing about your needs and exploring some possibilities!

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