Commercial Remodeling in Dana Point, CA

Need to make some adjustments to your commercial space? Evers Construction is equipped to tackle commercial remodeling in Dana Point, CA at any scale. Whether you’re knocking down a few walls or totally renovating your entire space, we make sure the finished product is one you can be proud of.

Our scope of abilities spans simple upgrades and tenant improvements, to major renovations and complete overhauls. We understand the importance of adhering to a centralized vision. Let us take the blueprints you have for a new, exciting, accommodating space and turn them into a reality for your business.

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Tenant Improvements

If you own a commercial building and are bringing in a new tenant after years of a stable business, it might be a good opportunity to make some improvements. Improving your facilities will attract a higher-caliber tenant for longer. Before you put the “for lease” sign out in front of your facilities, contact a tenant improvement contractor in Dana Point, CA.

Our tenant improvement capabilities span throughout your facilities. From updating plumbing and electrical, to remodeling core features like the receiving area, break room or managers’ office, we help instill value in your commercial property. Let us help make it more attractive to quality renters, so you can attract and retain a long-term tenant.

Commercial Use Conversions

Changing your office space into a retail facility? Converting your old factory into a thriving corporate space? When there’s a changeover in the use specifications for your building, give us a call to handle the conversion. We’re able to tailor the nature of a remodel to fit the new demand for your space, regardless of what it was used for before. We can even preserve the unique appeal of your building and reflect core design elements in the newly-remodeled space.

Clients We Serve

Our commercial remodeling capabilities extend to any type of business, regardless of the size of your space. We welcome the opportunity to help you turn the space you have into the space you need, complete with unique design elements and accommodations specific to your business.

  • Restaurants: We’re able to convert unique spaces into both fine dining and fast casual spaces. Whether you’re converting an existing restaurant into something new and improved or repurposing a unique space into a one-of-a-kind dining experience, we’ll bring your concept to life with clarity.
  • Office: Going from a traditional office environment to an open office floor plan? Converting an old factory into a humming business environment? We remodel with a focus on ensuring everyone has the right workspace and that your overall office workplace is a place people love to come to work.
  • Retail: Let us remodel your retail environment to give customers a truly authentic shopping experience. We’ll help you create a retail environment that exemplifies your brand and helps to attract customers, so you can succeed in the growing world of ecommerce
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Contact Evers Construction today to begin the renovation consulting process. We’ll walk you through our process and get to know the specifics of your commercial remodeling job. Then, we’ll help you iron out the details so we can get to work on transforming your space.

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